Fireside 2.1 ( Let's Be Frank Blog Mon, 29 Apr 2019 08:00:00 -0400 Let's Be Frank Blog en-us Acronyms or Alphabet Soup Mon, 29 Apr 2019 08:00:00 -0400 5f20ff71-6aac-43c6-b30f-75afce16929b Here is a list Tom has compiled of all the acronyms he's encountered since working with Franklin Fueling Systems. Acronym Meaning
A/L Air over Liquid Ratio
ACF actual cubic feet
AFV Alternative Fuel Vehicle
AGB Alcohol - Gas – Biodiesel
APCD Air Pollution Control Districts
API American Petroleum Institiute
APT Advanced Polymer Technology
AQMD Air Quality Management Districts
ARB Air Resources Board (also - CARB = Ca. Air Resource Board)
ARC Abrasion Resistant Cover
ASP Average Sale Price
AST Above ground Storage Tank
ASTM American Society of Testing and Materials
ATEX ATmosphères EXplosives
ATG Automatic Tank Gauge
GFI General Factory Instruction
GGE gasoline gallon equivalent
GUI graphical user interface
GVM Global Vapor Monitoring
H&SC Health and Safety Code
HAL Hardware Abstration Layer or Hardware Annotation Library (unix/software term)
HC Hydrocarbon
CARB California Air Resource Board
CAS Clean Air Separator
CCOE Chief Controller of Explosives
CCR California Code of Regulations.
CDS Corrosion Detection Sensor
CE European Compliance (Similar to UL)
CF cubic feet
CFH Cubic Feet per Hour
CFM cubic feet per minute
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CMM Coordinate-measuring machine
CNG compressed natural gas
CO carbon monoxide
CO2 carbon dioxide
COCO Company Owned Company Operated
CPC Chinese Petrolium Corperation
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CSN Chinese National Standard
CSP Complete Site Package
CT# cargo tank number
CTQ Critical to Quality
CVEF Clean Vehicle Education Foundation
CVM Central Vapor Monitoring
DDS Discriminating Dispenser Sump Sensor
DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid
DFMEA Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis
DIM Dispenser Interface Module
DIP or DIPADJ Diplomatic Adjustment
DIS Discriminating Interstitial Sensor
DMS Division of Measurement Standards
DODO Dealer Owned Dealer Operated
DOE U.S. Department of Energy
DOSH Division of Occupational Safety and Health
DS Dispensing Systems
DSN Date Sequence Number
DTS Discriminating Turbine Sump Sensor
DTU Data Transfer Unit
DVT Design Verification Test
E&O Excess & Obsolete Inventory
EBW FFS Brand of SSH
EBWSS EBW Service Station
EBWTT EBW Tank Truck
ECN Engineering Change Notice
ECO Engineering Change Order
EERE U.S. Dept of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
EIA Energy Information Administration, U.S.
EIS Electro-Optic Interstitial Sensor
ELLD Electronic Line Leak Detection
EMEA Europe, Middle East, Asia
EMS Environmental Monitoring Systems
EMV EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa & is now the global standard for payment cards
EN European Standard
Eng Eval engineering evaluation
EO Executive Order
EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPAct Energy Policy Act of 1992
NWGLDE National Work Group for Leak Detection Equipment
EU European Union
EVR Enhanced Vapor Recovery
EYS Electrical Y Seal
FCC Forecourt Controller
FEP FE Petro
FFS Franklin Fueling Systems
FID flame ionization detector
FMEA Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
FMP Fuel Management Part
FMS Fuel Management Systems
FMSP Fuel Management Spare Part
FRP Fiber-reinforcrced plastic "Fiberglass"
GCA Get Connected Anywhere
GDF Gasoline Dispensing Facility
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation (European Union)
SSA System Sentinal Anywhere
TSP Tank Sentinel Part
UDP Universal Device Protocal
UHS Universal Hydrostatic Sensor
UL Underwriters Laboratory, Inc.
Ullage Unfilled portion of a tank
ULS Universal Liquid Sensor
HFS Horizontal Float Switch
HIS Hydrostatic Interstitial Sensor
HLS High Level Sensor
RAIL Rolling Action Item List
RFS Renewable Fuels Standard
IFSF International Forecourt Standards Forum
IOCL Indian Oil Corporation Limited
IOM Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
IPR INCON Power Reliability
IS Intrinsically Safe
ISD In-Station Diagnostics
ISO International Organization for Standards
LD Leak Detection
LDS leak detection solution
LEL lower explosive limit
LL2 Liquid Level Probe Version 2
LL3 Liquid Level Probe Version 3
LNG Liquid natural gas
LSU Leak Sensing Unit
mmHg millimeters of mercury (unit of pressure).
MPD multi-product dispenser
MTBE methyl tertiary-butyl ether
SPD Stationary Power Division
SPR Special Price Request
SPS Submersible Pump Systems
MWS Monitoring Well Sensor
NAAQS National Air Quality Standards
NCM Non-conforming Material
SSH Service Station Hardware
STP Submersible Turbine Pump
NGV Natural Gas Vehicle
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NPT National Pipe Taper/Threads
TPI Turbine Pump Interface
TRAC Tank Reconciliation and Auto-Calibration
TS Tank Sentinel
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OIML International Organization of Legal Metrology
OP Over Pressure
OPV Overfill Prevention Valve
ORVR On-Board Refueling Vapor Recovery
OTB One Touch Buttons
P/V Pressure over Vacuum
P/V Valve pressure/vacuum relief vent valve.
PCB Printed Circuit Boards
PEI Petrolium Equipment Institute
PESO Petro Explosive Safety Organization
PMA Pump Motor Assembly
PMC Pressure Management Control
PSI Pounds per square inch (pound force per square inch)
SCALD Statistical Continuous Automatic Leak Detection
SCI Smart Controller Interface
SCM Secondary Containment Monitoring
SLLD Statistical Line Leak Detection
UPP Universal Petro Pipe
UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply
URI Uniform Resource Identifier
UST Underground Storage Tank
V/L Vapor-to-Liquid Ratio
VbF Regulations for Flammable Liquids
VFM Vapor Flow Meters
VIMS Vacuum Interstice Monitoring System (FAFNIR)
VPS Vapor Pressure Sensors
VR Vapor Recovery
VRED vapor recovery equipment defect
VRM Vapor Recovery Monitoring
VRS Vapor Recovery System
WC Water Column